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At Jardesca we are committed to creating all natural, botanically infused, sensory experiences fresh from the garden of California.

Jardesca Califoria Spritz

The Lighter, Brighter Spritz

The Jardesca California Spritz is naturally lower in sugar and calories, sunny, fresh and the perfect alternative to traditional, European Spritzes. The perfect drink for brunches, patios and poolside.

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The Perfect Pair

About Jardesca

Naturally Refreshing

Jardesca California Aperitiva is our botanically infused, all-natural, low alcohol aperitif that marries 10 botanicals with a blend of 3 artisanal California wines. We created Jardesca to be a light, delicious and quintessentially Californian alternative to European aperitifs.

Made to be served over ice, we think Jardesca is perfect before meals, with brunch and for easy entertaining.

As Featured In

``This is truly Summer in a glass!``
“I’m stashing away a bottle of this for my next dinner party.”
“A refreshing version of a red-wine spritzer.”