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Jardesca California Aperitiva

Jardesca was created to be a light, delicious and quintessentially Californian alternative to European aperitifs.
Jardesca California Aperitiva is made in Sonoma, CA and marries the vineyard and garden in a blend of 3 artisanal California wines, enlivened with 10 botanicals.
Jardesca is perfectly balanced, delicious and refreshing.
Created to be served over ice, Jardesca is perfect before meals, with brunch and for easy entertaining.

Enjoy, savor and share!

Jardesca White Aperitiva

Beautifully Refreshing

Jardesca White Aperitiva features a heart of Viognier and botanicals including Pink Peppercorn, Bay Leaf and Pink Grapefruit.

Jardesca Red Aperitiva

Refreshingly Different

Jardesca Red Aperitiva features a heart of Zinfandel and botanicals including Ginger, Tangerine and Cardamom.

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