Jardesca California Aperitiva

With Jardesca, we reinvent traditional aperitifs – opening drinks – to make them balanced and delicious for moments we share with our friends and family. Jardesca is inspired by our desire to capture the taste of the gardens and the vineyards of California in a bottle.
Try Jardesca for your shared meals, beautiful brunches, as a welcome to your home or garden, or even relaxing after a long day.
Enjoy, savor and share!

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Jardesca White Aperitva

Jardesca White Aperitiva is a beautifully refreshing blend of 3 California wines married with a double distilled grape eau de vie, enlivened with 10 botanicals including pink peppercorn, pink grapefruit and bay.

Jardesca Red Aperitva

Jardesca Red Aperitiva is refreshingly different – 3 California wines, including Zinfandel, are blended with a grape eau de vie infused and enlivened with 10 botanicals including tangerine, ginger and cardamom.

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