Why We Created Jardesca

The idea of leading a simple life, surrounded by friends, enjoying the garden, is one of our guiding principles, inspired by Epicurus. We believe that when we grow the garden, we bring balance to life. Sharing experiences with others is what makes us truly rich. Life is short and every day deserves a pause, a moment for an aperitiva.

“Our wealth is measured by what we enjoy, not what we own.” -Epicurus

Life Tastes Better in the Garden

Jardesca is our word that we created to express the idea of experiences that are “fresh from the garden”. By their nature we believe these experiences need to be all natural, fresh and refreshing.

Our Founders

Marshall Dawson and Roger Morrison are a pair of California transplants who wanted to create a drink that fit their lifestyle and taste preferences; drinking less and drinking better. Specifically they decided to create an aperitif inspired by the Garden of California. They were looking for a drink that would be livelier than a glass of wine but not as strong as a cocktail. Ultimately, they wanted a drink that was delicious and refreshing to serve over ice right out of the bottle.