Jardesca California Aperitiva

“Jardesca is a new and versatile aperitif handcrafted in Sonoma, Calif. – a blend of three white wines including Viognier, with complimentary profiles of sweet and dry, fortified with a double distilled Eau de Vie and brightened by 10 botanicals. This unique beverage, served over ice, is not exactly wine – not exactly liquor. It hits the balance between the two in the most palate-pleasing way.

Botanicals are at the heart of Jardesca’s unique flavor, giving it the garden-to-glass and palate-freshening properties, which give it complexity and depth. There are 10 botanicalsused in the Jardesca blend, including pink peppercorn, pink grapefruit peel and bay laurel – inspired by the flavors and notes of California gardens.”

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