A Cocktail Explicitly Not for World Cocktail Day

“If the Hallmark Holiday exists mainly for commercial purposes, the Instagram Holiday exists solely for likes. These “holidays,” which have sprouted up like weeds in the social media era, are nothing more than excuses to post a picture of yourself looking good with whatever thing/family member/abstract concept is being celebrated.

Today is “World Cocktail Day.” It is also, according to the Web site, Fruit Cocktail Day, Hummus Day, Apple Pie Day, Frog Jumping Day, Tulip Day, Leprechaun Day, Frank Sinatra Day, and National Receptionists Day—a list of days that, when combined, give you a full menu, centerpiece, and guest list.

Since we at Vanity Fair believe that drinking needs no excuse, we heretofore bring you your regularly scheduled cocktail content, which we were totally going to present whether or not today is a fake holiday: a cocktail inspired by the scents of early summer.

Casandra Salazar, lead bartender at Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco, combines gin, lemon juice, egg whites, Jardesca California Aperitiva, and fresh herbs to create the Garden Party: a frothy, earthy, and fresh concoction worthy of its own fake holiday.”

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