Try Something Different with L.A.’s Best Wine-Based Cocktails

We often think of wine as a drink best enjoyed all by its lonesome, save the occasional sangria or spritzer. But a fortified wine—a boozier, spirit-infused version of the drink—can act as the secret ingredient that balances a cocktail and can give you a new lease on liquor. Feeling adventurous? Here are five wine-based concoctions to try in L.A. right now.

Ros Marinus at Providence

This sipper is rooted in Jardesca Red Aperitiva, a savory, fortified Sonoma wine infused with rosemary. The cocktail is shaken with pear brandy, Gran Classico, simple syrup, lemon and grapefruit, then served up. Take it from beverage director Kim Stodel: It’s “low-ABV and totally crushable.” $15.

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