The Garden Garnish Bar

Jardesca Summer Garden Garnish Bar

Tired of the typical mimosa bar? Us too. The Garden Garnish Bar is just as simple, and way more delicious. Guests can still make their own drinks, so you get the interactive, DIY fun of a mimosa bar, but with fruits, herbs, and the optional sparkling topper, this version is taking it up a notch. Plus – it’s still just as easy as I, 2, 3!

Keep reading to find out how.

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!


Step 1:

Gather stemless wine glasses and a bucket of ice with an ice scoop.

Step 2:

Pre-slice some fruit and cut a few herbs. If desired, leave out a cutting board so your guests can slice more on their own.

Step 3:

Make sure to chill Jardesca beforehand so it’s served cold, over ice.


Created to be served over ice, Jardesca should be savored and shared with friends. Simply pour 3oz in a stemless wine glass over ice and garnish with your favorite combination of seasonal fruit and herbs.


Jardesca California Aperitiva (8 3oz drinks per bottle)

Fresh fruit such as oranges, peaches, mixed berries, and pink grapefruit

Fresh cut herbs such as mint, rosemary and basil


Optional: Prosecco (1-2oz) to top Jardesca and make spritzes


Stemless wine glasses

Ice scoop

Ice bucket

Optional: Cutting board and knife

SUGGESTED RECIPES (Or you can simplify by letting your guest create their own):

Orange and Mint

Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary

Mixed Berries and Mint

Peaches and Basil

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