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Jardesca Aperitiva Mini Bottles

Jardesca Aperitiva Mini Bottles

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Our mini bottles are ideal as party favors or to add a fresh twist to holiday baskets. These perfect packages will enhance your table, brighten a basket, or slip into a purse. Fun and festive to make a personal custom spritz on the spot or to take home to enjoy.

Jardesca White Aperitiva is our botanically infused, all-natural, low alcohol aperitif that marries 10 botanicals including pink grapefruit, bay leaf, and pink peppercorn, with a blend of 3 artisanal California wines, with Viognier at the heart. Best enjoyed over ice, Jardesca White Aperitiva is perfectly balanced, delicious and beautifully refreshing.


• 750ml
• 17% Alc./Vol.
• As a fortified wine, Jardesca stays fresh for weeks after opening.
• Each 3oz. serving is only 99 calories
• All Natural ingredients – no artificial flavorings, colorings or additives.

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Jardesca California Spritzer

3 oz Jardesca White Aperitiva

2 oz Club Soda

1 Orange Wedge and Mint Sprig

Pour Jardesca White Aperitiva over ice in a stemmed wine glass.
Top with Club Soda and garnish with orange twist.

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