TOWN & COUNTRY MAGAZINE 17 Best New Years Eve Cocktails to Ring in the New Year With “Because you’ve got to have something to toast with at midnight. Whether you’re keeping things low key this year or watching the ball drop at a big bash, nothing says “Happy New Year” quite like a festive cocktail. We’ve rounded up our favorite […]

NAPA SONOMA MAGAZINE Napa Valley Garden Spirits Wine-soaked aromatic botanicals sparkle in this summery aperitif. “Looking for a refreshing warm-weather drink? Consider Jardesca California Aperitiva, a new beverage bursting with botanical flavors. Inspired by European aperitifs such as French Lillet or Italian Campari, Jardesca combines sweet and dry wines with eaux-de-vie, or double-distilled, fortified wines produced in California. Infused with […]

THROW AN UNFUSSY CALIFORNIA-STYLE HOLIDAY PARTY “Skip the complicated mains and keep things simple with these quick, delicious recipes. Throwing an effortless get-together is easier than it sounds. Start by compiling a short list of friends—10 to 12 people—and craft a casual yet chic menu of appetizers, a signature cocktail, and a tempting dessert. Next, add a light-­hearted activity to break […]

TRADITIONAL HOME Sophisticated Fall Dinner “Jardesca Harvest Spritz This refreshing version of a red-wine spritzer (yes, we’ve gone retro here!) is made with Jardesca Red Aperitiva. Produced in Sonoma, California, the aperitiva is a blend of three red wines and a variety of spices. Find it at Start to finish: 5 minutes Ice 1/3 cup Jardesca red aperitiva wine, chilled 1/3 cup […]

TRADITIONAL HOME Outdoor Entertaining with Suzanne Rheinstein Refreshing Apértif “Summer is for relaxing. Suzanne Rheinstein entertains with a no-fuss attitude and simple yet chic results. Consider it her sixth sense—interior designer Suzanne Rheinstein just knows how to make gorgeous happen. A genius of decorative elegance and owner of the renowned West Hollywood decorating emporium Hollyhock (she recently locked its doors […]

House Beautiful Life at Lulu's: When Life's a Picnic "Pique-nique, in the parlance of 17th century France, meant to BYO wine to a restaurant. Today the term is synonymous with wicker baskets and checkered blankets - and soggy sandwiches. Enter 'entertainologist' Lulu Powers, here to liberate taste-free outdoor meals with her elevated, unexpected, and (nearly) effortless recipes, each one as [...]

SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENT Jardesca, the Californian Apéritif Why Two Liquor Industry Veterans Launched a Low-Calorie, Low-Alcohol Drink Recipe Jardesca California Spritz: Pour 3 oz. of Jardesca over ice, add 2 oz. of prosecco, and garnish with an orange wedge and mint sprig.” “Beverage options are endless these days, but liquor industry veterans Marshall Dawson and Roger Morrison recognized a need for an American apéritif […]

TIME OUT MAGAZINE Try Something Different with L.A.’s Best Wine-Based Cocktails “We often think of wine as a drink best enjoyed all by its lonesome, save the occasional sangria or spritzer. But a fortified wine—a boozier, spirit-infused version of the drink—can act as the secret ingredient that balances a cocktail and can give you a new lease on liquor. Feeling adventurous? Here are […]

KARA ELISE A Holiday DIY Party: Making Your Own Cocktails + Gifts + Toasts “The season of holiday festivities has been a wonderful one and I was thrilled to kick it off with this evening of custom made cocktails, gourmet toasts, and the loveliest gift boxes! The other week, I gathered with some good friends from Jardesca California Apertiva, The Know Space, and Haute Hope […]

ANNE SAGE A Sparkling Christmas Punch Holiday Cocktail Recipe “This sparkling Christmas punch more than satisfies my high standards, what with its layered, fruit-meets-spice flavor and its deep, sultry color. It’s been my go-to holiday cocktail recipe all season long, ever since a few weeks ago when I served it at Thanksgiving and it was met with rave reviews! The […]

THE DOCTORS TV SHOW A lively new way to keep your holiday entertaining and celebrating lighter and brighter. Jardesca is a beautifully refreshing, handcrafted blend of wines, spirit and botanicals from Sonoma, that has no added sugars or syrups and is naturally lower in calories, perfect for guilt-free holiday celebrations.

SANTA BARBARA MAGAZINE The Bridal Guide 2017 “For a trendy take on traditional welcome drinks, the JARDESCA wedding bouquet is full of fresh botanicals. Pour Jardesa in a beverage dispenser. Add cucumber, mint, rose petals, prosecco and mix gently. Serve on the rocks. Garnish with rose petal, cucumber slice and mint leaves. Serves 25.”

SNOOTH Spirit of the Week “JARDESCA ($30): is an interesting hybrid product from Sonoma County California. It starts out as a blend of 3 different white wines that are then fortified with 10 different botanicals. So it’s a wine at its core but reminds me of a spirit in its soul. Most importantly it’s versatile and delicious. Sipped on its […]

LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE Inside the Brilliance of the Zero-Waste Cocktail “Providence’s head bartender Kim Stodel never saw himself as an environmentalist, but when inspiration strikes, you go where it leads you. “It was something that I had been working towards a long time but didn’t know it,” Stodel said. While the bartender was used to creating cocktails using the same ingredients […]

SAHMMELIER Spring is Calling – Jardesca Aperitiva “As we move from winter to spring, what images come to mind? When I was living north, it was a single white crocus pushing through the cracked and cold soil. In Texas, it is the Mountain Laurels and Redbuds. We move from citrus and evergreens to white flowers and herb gardens. And as […]

SUSIE DRINKS DALLAS JARDESCA – The Perfect Opening Drink “JARDESCA is a new aperitif out of Sonoma, CA offering a blend of three sweet and dry white wines, which is then fortified with a double distilled grape brandy and ten different botanicals. I know that sounds like a lot in one product, but it all comes together to create a […]

CLEVER ROOT Composed Dining “In his role as General Manager, Langley oversees the beverage program. The cocktail list sums up the restaurant’s overall approach: fine ingredients put together simply – so simply that it’s hard to believe how the flavors marry to perfectly. The Gower Flower uses just four ingredients – Jardesca Aperitiva, geranium, lavender and pink pepper salt – […]

DINING AROUND Jardesca and Shed: Shining Moments in Sonoma County “A New Year brings with it new tastes and a commitment to spending more time with friends and family.  On this, we had a leisurely visit to Healdsburg in Sonoma County.  Healdsburg is a town with delicious food and marvelous shopping tucked in the middle of glorious wine country.  Hotels, […]

OC WEEKLY Jardesca California Aperitiva, Our Drink of the Week! “It’s rare to find a liqueur that gets better by adding more non-alcoholic ingredients, but that’s the glory of Jardesca. The aperitif is a combo of white wines, eau de vie, and 10 botanicals. By itself, it’s tart and a bit think on the tongue. But start throwing in stuff, and […]

Another, rather new, aperitif option also from Sonoma is Jardesca…capturing the best that California wine and gardens have to provide.

Sonoma Magazine 5 Cocktails to Try This Holiday Season "Jardesca, a lovely aperitif spirit made in Santa Rosa, combines sweet and dry white wines from California with a proprietary eau de vie that’s double-distilled into a fortified wine. A garden’s worth of botanicals are added for complexity. Intended to be sipped on the rocks, Jardesca also works as a mixer, [...]

BIGGER THAN YOUR HEAD A Garden in Your Glass “I returned from a five-day trip, and LL said, “Get some more of that stuff.” “Um, what stuff?” I said, barely in the door. “That Jardesca stuff. It’s delicious.” Now, my wine-writing/-blogging colleagues and I endure tides of emails from marketers promoting new cocktail recipes and possibilities, most of which sound awful. (“You’ll love […]

SONOMA MAGAZINE Hit the Refresh Button “Combine sweet and dry white wine from California, eau de vie that’s double-distilled into a fortified wine, and a garden’s worth of botanicals and voilà, a refreshing aperitif is born. Jardesca California Aperitiva is the creation of Sonoma-based entrepreneurs Marshall Dawson and Roger Morrison, who looked to create a drink people could enjoy before […]

BAYAREA.COM Taste California with Locally Produced Craft Liquors “This Sonoma-produced aperitif comes straight from the vineyards and gardens of California and tastes just like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Made with a blend of three sweet and dry local white wines and infused with grape eau de vie and ten botanicals, it’s an aromatic and bright beverage. Sure, you could […]

GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO “Learn about JARDESCA, The Perfect Opening Drink and how to use it in 3 minutes!

VANITY FAIR A Cocktail Explicitly Not for World Cocktail Day “If the Hallmark Holiday exists mainly for commercial purposes, the Instagram Holiday exists solely for likes. These “holidays,” which have sprouted up like weeds in the social media era, are nothing more than excuses to post a picture of yourself looking good with whatever thing/family member/abstract concept is being celebrated. […]

SANTA BARBARA MAGAZINE Guide to be the Bride 2016 “Welcome your guests to your wedding with a slightly sweet yet succulent JARDESCA aperitif ($30/bottle) – a refreshing blend of three California dry and sweet wines along with a splash of eau de vie and botanical notes of fruits and herbs. Enjoy it on its own over ice, adding sparkling water […]

PARK LABREA NEWS AND BEVERLY PRESS Jardesca: A perfect opening drink “Apéritif, a drink usually served before a meal, helping to stimulate the appetite, are not readily seen in the U.S. While it is a European tradition, I see them as a way to explore new types of wine or spirits, but they are also great additions to any type […]

WINE FOOD EXPLORER Jardesca California Aperitiva “Jardesca is a new and versatile aperitif handcrafted in Sonoma, Calif. – a blend of three white wines including Viognier, with complimentary profiles of sweet and dry, fortified with a double distilled Eau de Vie and brightened by 10 botanicals. This unique beverage, served over ice, is not exactly wine – not exactly liquor. It hits the balance […]

MARGUERITE THOMAS The Evening’s Opening Embrace “American winemakers have recently jumped on the serious vermouth bandwagon.  Quady led the way with Vya, and Sutton Cellars also produces a savory dry vermouth.  I was recently introduced to a new California Aperitif wine named Jardesca ($30).  Made from three white grape varieties including Alexander Valley Viognier, which contributes charming floral notes, plus […]

ALCADEMICS New Booze: Jardesca California Aperitiva Announcing Jardesca California Aperitiva The marriage of the vineyards and the gardens of California, Jardesca California Aperitiva is a blend of sweet and dry white wines, and an eau de vie,  with 10 different botanicals. Jardesca is designed to be served on ice. As a fortified wine, Jardesca can also last for weeks after […]

ZAGAT 4 New Local Spirits to Drink Now “Just released a little over two weeks ago, this Sonoma-grown and blended apertif was created by SF bartender/Cantina owner, Duggan McDonnell, who is also behind Encanto Pisco. As with Encanto, JARDESCA is balanced and elegant, made with California grapes and 10 locally-grown herbs/botanicals. While you can consider it in the family of a lovely dry […]

SUNSET MAGAZINE 74 amazing foodie gifts “It’s high time for a local alternative to the usual French aperitifs. This well-balanced newcomer—made in Sonoma by San Francisco mix master Duggan McDonell—combines a white wine base with 10 locally sourced herbs. Use it in a cocktail, or drink it on its own, over ice.”

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