Make Your Holiday Lighter and Brighter with Jardesca

Sonoma, CA: Jardesca California Aperitiva makes lighter and brighter spritzes that refresh holiday entertaining with a California twist. During the holidays, we are all searching for simple and delicious drinks. Some cocktails can be too strong to really enjoy without bringing the party to an early close or overwhelming taste buds. Many drinks have a lot of unwanted and unnecessary sugars. We like to take a balanced approach to our celebrating with Jardesca Spritzes – ideal holiday drinks, so we can stay fresh and refreshed throughout the party.

“We think that too many drinks are difficult to make and don’t always appeal to all guests,” said Marshall Dawson Co-Founder of Jardesca. “So, we suggest you serve your friends and family Jardesca Spritzes which are easy, delicious and lighter crowd favorites” added Co-Founder Roger Morrison.
Jardesca is all natural and brighter with no artificial flavors, colors or ingredients. The botanicals in Jardesca are infused into a fine grape spirit, then redistilled to capture only their vibrant essence. Jardesca is lighter and naturally low in calories (only 99 calories per 3oz. serving) because it has no added syrups or sugars. All of which gives Jardesca Holiday Spritzes about half the calories of the traditional European alternatives.

The Jardesca Holiday Spritz and The Jardesca Royale are both delicious cocktails that are less than 150 calories and simple to make – as easy as 3-2-1.

Jardesca Holiday Spritz
3 oz. Jardesca White Aperitiva
2 oz. Prosecco or Sparkling Wine
1 Small Spoonful Pomegranate Juice
Serve over Ice. Garnish with Pomegranate Seeds and Rosemary Sprig

Jardesca Royale
3 oz. Jardesca Red Aperitiva
2 oz. Champagne or Sparkling Wine
1 Orange Twist
Serve Well Chilled in Champagne Flute

Serve Jardesca California Aperitiva for Lighter and Brighter Holiday Drinking.


About JARDESCA, Inc.: Jardesca was created to be a light, delicious and quintessentially Californian alternative to European aperitifs. Jardesca California Aperitiva is made in Sonoma, CA and marries the vineyard and garden in a blend of three artisanal California wines, enlivened with 10 botanicals, that is beautifully refreshing. Jardesca White Aperitiva features a heart of Viognier and botanicals including Pink Peppercorn, Bay Leaf and Pink Grapefruit. Jardesca Red Aperitiva has a heart of Zinfandel with botanicals that include Ginger, Tangerine and Cardamom. Both expressions are perfect for before meals, brunches and easy entertaining.


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