Let's Upgrade Your Day Drink

Your afternoon is about to get more refreshing.

Jardesca is a botanically infused, all natural, low alcohol, aperitif. It's basically the most beautifully refreshing drink in the world.

Perfect for pre-meal drinks, a relaxing afternoon outside - or as the base for some of life's most refreshing moments.

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The Perfect Pair

White or Red? Yes Please!

Jardesca California Aperitiva is a botanically infused, all-natural, low alcohol aperitif that marries 10 botanicals including pink grapefruit, bay leaf, and pink peppercorn, with a blend of 3 artisanal California wines. Best enjoyed over ice, Jardesca California Aperitiva is perfectly balanced, delicious and beautifully refreshing.

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The Jardesca Spritzer & Jardesca Red Mule are delicious cocktails that are less than 150 calories and simple to make – as easy as 3-2-1.

Jardesca Spritzer

3 oz Jardesca White Aperitiva

2 oz Fever Tree Club Soda

Seasonal Garnish

Pour Jardesca White Aperitiva over ice in a stemmed wine glass. Top with Club Soda and garnish.

Jardesca Red Mule

3 oz Jardesca Red Aperitiva

2 oz Ginger Beer

Mint Sprig

Pour Jardesca Red Aperitiva over ice in a stemless wine glass. Top with Ginger Beer and garnish with smacked mint sprig.