This is your invitation to day drink.

"The drink of the summer."

- pretty much everyone

What the heck is an aperitif?

An apéritif is a refreshing alcoholic drink that is served before a meal (we like ours before breakfast). Sort of a liquid appetizer, apéritifs may be served to mingling guests during a party (with or without food) or while easing into your own afternoon. They're also an excellent way to unwind from the day (or during the day).

Jardesca Spritzer

3 oz Jardesca White Aperitiva

2 oz Fever Tree Club Soda

Citrus Peel

Pour Jardesca White Aperitiva over ice in a stemmed wine glass. Top with Club Soda and garnish.

We've got what you need.


Jardesca Spritzer Trial Kit includes 1 bottle of Jardesca White Aperitiva and 1 bottle of Fever Tree Club Soda.

It also includes the box, but you knew that already.

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limit one kit per customer