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Discover Sonoma’s Most Beautiful Gardens

Sonoma Botanical Garden

The mission of Sonoma Botanical Garden is to inspire an appreciation and understanding of the beauty and value of Asian and California native plants, and to promote their conservation in natural habitats and gardens.

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Photo by Sonoma Botanical Gardens

Cornerstone Gardens

Cornerstone Gardens are an ever-changing series of gardens, showcasing innovative designs from international and local landscape architects and designers. The gardens were inspired by the International Garden Festival at Chaumont-Sur-Loire to create a cultural and creative haven, celebrating the connection between art, architecture and nature. There are currently ten Cornerstone Gardens. Additionally, the five Sunset Gardens highlight food production, the Sunset plant line, bee habitat, cut flowers and composting.

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Photo by Robin Rawlings Wechsler

Russian River Rose Company

The Russian River Rose Company hopes to share their love of roses with everyone around the world. Their family-run nursery got its start in 1990 when the chief collector Jan Tolmasoff took cuttings from a feral rose which now covers the coastal headlands surrounding the village of Mendocino, California. With that one cutting grew a business based in beauty.

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Photo by Russian River Rose Company

Luther Burbank Home & Gardens

More than an acre of gardens include many of Luther Burbank’s horticultural contributions. Special garden areas focus on medicinal herbs, cutting flowers, roses, wildlife habitats, and ornamental grasses. Many unusual varieties of plants and new horticultural introductions are represented. Most plants are labeled with both botanic and common names. Follow the story of Burbank’s career with our self-guided tour. The Gardens in downtown Santa Rosa are open to the public every day from 8 to dusk.

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Photo by Frank Schulenburg