New Booze: Jardesca California Aperitiva

Announcing Jardesca California Aperitiva

The marriage of the vineyards and the gardens of California, Jardesca California Aperitiva is a blend of sweet and dry white wines, and an eau de vie,  with 10 different botanicals.

Jardesca is designed to be served on ice. As a fortified wine, Jardesca can also last for weeks after opening.

Mixologist, bar owner and winemaker Duggan McDonnell, contributed his palate  to put the finishing touches on the blend. Marcus Seiden, wine executive and industry veteran, joined as a partner to help with production and business operations.

The team at Jardesca has a desire  to “Americanize” the idea of the aperitif.

Jardesca California Aperitiva was made in Sonoma by a team of mixologists, winemakers and blenders. The recipe begins with balancing three California wines with profiles of sweet and dry. The eau de vie is double distilled with 10 botanicals.  For more information, visit us at

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